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How to Walk YOUR Way for Autism

Having trouble coming up with fundraising ideas? We have compiled some of our favourites below!  

  1. 100 Square Sale: Participants can create a large bristol board divided into 100 squares, selling each square for $10. The winner, chosen randomly, gets half of the funds collected when the prize is drawn. 

  1. Plant Sale: Participants can start a plant-growing initiative, selling small plants or seedlings in disposable cups. As the plants grow, they can be sold to interested buyers. 

  1. Green Bin Clean: Offer a service where participants clean and sanitize green bins for households in the community in exchange for donations. 

  1. Movie Night: Organize a movie screening event either virtually or at a local venue. Participants can sell tickets for entry or arrange sponsorships for the event. 

  1. Bake Sale: Host a bake sale where participants bake and sell homemade goodies such as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. It could be organized at a local market, school, office, or community center. 

  1. Car Wash: Set up a car wash station where participants wash cars for donations. This can be done in a public area or by partnering with a local business. 

  1. Karaoke Night: Organize a karaoke event where participants pay an entry fee to sing their favorite songs. Consider incorporating a competition or themed night to make it more engaging. 

  1. Clothing Swap: Participants can organize a clothing swap event where people can donate and exchange gently used clothing items for a small fee, with proceeds going to the fundraiser. 

  1. Open Mic Night: Host an open mic night where local talent (singers, poets, comedians, etc.) can perform. Charge an entry fee or accept donations for attendees. 

  1. Raffle: Collect donated items or experiences from local businesses or community members and organize a raffle with tickets sold to participants and attendees. 

  1. Trivia Night: Host a trivia night competition where participants form teams and pay an entry fee to compete. Questions can cover various topics to appeal to a wide audience. 

  1. Recycling Collection: Gather some friends and go around your neighbourhood asking for any unwanted recyclables! The proceeds can go towards your fundraiser.  


These fundraising ideas offer a mix of engaging activities and services that can attract different audiences and help participants reach their fundraising goals for Walk Your Way. Combining multiple events or rotating them throughout the fundraiser period can keep the momentum going and attract diverse supporters. 

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